Thursday, 2 January 2014

Hangzhou Xizi Mechanic & Electric Technique School on Newport International Study: Hangzhou Boiler Group Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Xizi Mechanic & Electric Technique School is a moderate vocational-technical school, which is specializing in training professional personnel for machinery manufacturing industry. The former is Hangzhou sixth mechanical school, built in 1978. The school has a management team with advanced thinking, innovation and working with the truce. There is a conscientious and meticulous, skillful and mastering many skills’ teacher team.

The school pays a great attention to the students’ practice ability, setting up functional training centre, computer room and electric laboratories with advanced equipments. Furthermore, relying on advantages of enterprise resource of Xizi Otis Group, the world biggest escalator manufacture base, and the Hangzhou Boiler Group Co., Ltd, the national research, development and manufacture base of waste heat boiler, so that the students’ theoretical knowledge and operation ability can be consolidated and enhanced by continuous practice.

Since opened, the school had provided and trained a great many excellent students and technical workers for the subsidiary company of Xizi United Holding Co., such as Hangzhou Boiler Group Co., Ltd and Xizi Elevator Group. Many of graduates already have been the backbone of manufacture and management, obtaining technician, senior technician qualification certificates, and many of them have been named Hangzhou “Top Ten Young Skilled Position”, “Technique Elite”, “National Model Worker”, etc.

Due to the school takes a running mode by recruiting predetermined number of students(including specialty) for collaborative business, then trained, ----which means a distribution, so the employment rate of graduates is 100% per year.

Hangzhou Xizi Mechanic & Electric Technique School is the designated professional skill training school that approved by Hangzhou Labor and Social Security Bureau, and is the first passel “Highly skilled Talents Training Centre of National Mechanical & Electric Project” assessed by the State Department of Labor and Social Security. For the community, the school turns its hand to early, middle, high, technician and senior technician qualification training. Since 1989, the school had trained a lot of qualified technical workers for state-owned, villages and towns, private enterprise, government organizations and institutions, which had became an excellent professional skills training base.

Our school is recruiting students throughout the year. The related brochures and application forms please see the attachments.

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Add.: Admissions Office in the dormitory Building Hangzhou Boiler Group, No. 1216 Danonggang Road, Hangzhou
Zip Code: 310021
Contact Person: Teacher Zhang
Tel: 0571-85387287 85387289 85387292 13857125036
Fax: 0571-85387287

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